Monday, July 4, 2011

Vanilla Macarons Affair :)

sorry this is a note, I have a feeling that I might update my blog most probably 3 or 4 times today. 
because I've been away quite long I suppose.
the weather here isn't helping that much, lazy bum.

so yesterday, my sister and I made macarons again.:)
actually, yesterday was such a busy day. 
because it was my mum's birthday.
so yeah. 

OH, and we successfully knew the exact recipe now, 
well, so far I guess for two experiment it was a success. :)
was really happy with it 
but the ganache was a bit disappointed. 
you'll know why in my next post :P

 during the 'drying' period.

freshly home baked :) 

filling in the ganache, vanilla flavour. eek, too sweet :P 

after it was chilled :) 

perfect as we want it to be, I see the 'feet'! 
if you're a macarons crazie, you'll know what I mean :) 



Anonymous said...

wat r these...i want them !! >//< reply me at my wall !!! shazlien !! they look scrumptious !!!!!

Nava.K said...

you are so good at making macaroons, my attempt was disaster but managed to ask ppl to taste as scones and they bought that.

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