About me

Hello,  I'm Joanna, people calls me either Joanne or Jojo. I was born and raised my whole life in Miri, the Borneo Island. I'm a 90's babies. I'm mix Chinese and Melanau. I'm only five feet and I'm pleased to meet you :)

I'm probably the most random person you'll ever meet, I have dreams that most people will try to destroy it, if you wonder what my dreams are, ask me. I am also shy and quiet. but you'll never know. I could be a chatterbox, annoying, loud and clumsy.

It takes time to know me, so HIIII :)

 I love hada labo, Ribena (Thanks baby for getting me one every time at mcd),
perfume, elephant, pink, rainbow, friendship bracelet, dream catchers, aircond, moustache and puppies. 

I hate traffic jam, being late, sweating, cleaning the room, washing the dishes,
drying the clothes, homework ,failure and irresponsible drivers :P  

Wonders why the coffee and straw?
No, I'm not a coffee lover.
I don't drink coffee :3

why the straw?
I love to bite straw, easy right?

hee, it's just between something that I do and something that I don't.