Monday, July 4, 2011


we bought this to bake mum's cake, 
cause mum is sick, so she can't simply just eat anything she like. 
we decided to go vegan :O really? 
heh, I was rather disappointed .
I could have made a simple butter cake instead of spending like RM 11 for this thing above. 
heh, lesson learnt that please don't judge a book by it's cover? 
it wasn't that thick after all, it's so thin like eh. 
However, if you are allergy to eggs/ dairy products/wheat etc etc.
you can try this, especially for vegetarian :) 

we bought jell-o too, hahah
this is the first time I made this. 
I think I made some mistake, :| I spoiled the whole pudding D: 
one of them was thick and nice, the other was watery. haha
so if you wanna try this out, use the cooking method instead of the cold milk method. 
plus star is, the box gives you like 2 recipe. 
I bought 3 boxes and I have 6 recipes :) 
yes, I'm one happy girl. 







I'm disappointed at the photo below. 

my mum's worst birthday cake ever :( 
but we had such a laugh about the cake.
I feel really bad. 

oh and did I mentioned that I cooked, meatballs,
chicken chop, onion soup,  boiled raw vegetables, baked potatoes, 
included the puddings, cake, and macarons? 

wow. I'm amazed myself and okay bye :P 


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