Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Cheers for Five Years.

The ugly side of me. 
I'm ignorant, selfish and hard headed. 
I'm sorry for the things that I did, I knew what my mistakes were. 
I'm sorry for avoiding or pretending not to care so much.
I'm sorry, 
but I've learned my lesson. 
I'm done pretending, I can't stand not talking to you. 
and honestly, it's been bugging me for these few days. 
wonder if it was that telepathy between us two that eat me up. 
I held a deep breathe as usual to calm myself down and to just forget it. 
whatnot, it's coming back and haunting me. 
I missed the way we used to be.
I missed how we could talk about everything. 
I missed everything that we had. 
I miss seeing you smile. 
I missed how you always come to my house at night. 
I missed how we always argue and only could stand not talking to you for only a minute. 
I missed how we go for lunch break at the kdai mamak during high school. 
I missed how I could simply just hug you whenever I want. 
I missed how we talk stupidly. 

I wish we were still the same.
I don't want to start another fight. 
I don't want to have things go ugly. 

all I could do is to, keep you always in my prayers. 

It hurts me that I think I was the one that made you this way. 
Not that I think, I've always have knew that. 


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