Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just another journey.

Hey, sorry for the long hiatus. 
Lost my mojo to blog lately, and was quite busy for a while. 
Concentrating on my studies and also because my special someone just fly off to the west.
He flew off just morning to further his studies.
He left me a letter. 

A handmade envelope, hahah. 
made out of stapler cause he couldn't find any glue. :P

He used a tape just cause he can't just use his saliva to stick the envelope. 
lol, he went on youtube just to make an envelope for me. 

heh, how simple could his mind be. 
but better than me, I just gave him a piece of full scape paper. 
and the little notes in a chocolate tin >.< 

On the other hand, I just receive this :)
from a friend of mine.
Thanks Azra :) xx 


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