Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crazy Classmates.

Many things happened lately. 
haha, and one of them would be a memory to treasure forever. 
I swear, my classmates are literally crazy. 
but I love them to bits. 

so here, these two friends of mine was challenge to eat 6 different kinds of noodles. 
2 person with 6 bowls. half each bowls of noodle.
if you get what I mean. 

then the next day, we went to the mamak stall to have lunch. 
and they both were challenge to eat 8 pieces of roti canai each. 
I swear I was literally sick watching them eat. 
note that I cropped my photo out. hahahah.
and they managed to finish 16 pieces altogether with 2 glasses of teh tarik and 2 tins of green tea.

 the two lovely ladies, with 4 pieces of roti canai first :P 

the last piece! 

heh, crazy right? hahaha 

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