Friday, June 10, 2011

fish eye lens

I have a feeling that I'm gonna blog the whole night. :D 
I'm talking to no one right now so I should spare time on my blog. 
since I know I have left so many days for my 30day challenge. D: 
die die. 

anywho, I was talking to baby Yolanda about this jelly lens that I feel like buying :3
and she told me that she owns one of it. 
how coincident right? 
so she kindly bring it for me to class today and I gave her some Cats' tongues as a tips. 
but I guess, it was too little :P 

anyways, we played with the lens, it was okay, I like how the effect it does.
even though it was taken only with our phone's camera. 
take a look yeah..
kinda regret that I took so little cause my battery is running out :3

 learning Faraday Law! 

 Yolanda baby! 


Felix the tall guy :D 

if you're wondering where I want to get it, click here!

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