Friday, June 10, 2011

Breakfast with mum

This is a draft post, I was suppose to blogged about it yesterday.
but, yesterday was something that I don't want to think about anymore. 
what happened kept playing in my mind.
all kind of beliefs and supertitious made me think what's going to happened next. 
but I got no one to tell and I can't tell anyways. 
so don't bother to ask :) 

dim sum makes the best breakfast for all :) 

I don't know what are their names, so.. I'm really sorry :S 

this is what I call corn thins :) 
it's super yummy and healthy. 
you can spread anything you like on it. 
for my own personal favourite, I like chocolate nutella. 
and you could always use my best friend for more recipe, google! hehehe

this book is awesome. 
this book belongs to my mother. 
which I already assume it's mine to be hands down. 
haha, it has all (i think) European main cuisine .
from Alaska to even France! 
I've always knew that I can't cook like my mom. 
but this book is so ancient and special that it made me want to try one dish every week. 
tell me I'm crazy. 
and the smell of old books really gets me. 
ha, I'm weird. 
why am I posting this. 

LULZ, k bye. 


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