Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breakfast date :)

went for breakfast yesterday before class :)
guess where did we went... 
hehe. :) 
 yes, this is my date! can you see him? if not, you need to get a new spec :)

 the surrounding, that hot guy is mine :P 
and yes, there was just the two of us in the cafe. haha 

 that hot guy drink, haha. 
he didn't like it at all. :O 

 my English chicken mayo toast. barely finish it, portion was too big for me haha

 Hot guy breakfast set, the scramble eggs is to die for 

my hot chocolate, taste the same with hot guy's drink. 
his is cold chocolate. 

I love breakfast :) 



Anonymous said...

evrything looks yummy !!! where is this place !! wall the location to me honey !! >//< mazlin here ! <3

Anonymous said...

Those food made me hungry >__< Cool blog :)

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Ayse said...

Wauwwwww your blog is great! You are sososo cute! I follow you now with bloglovin and i hope, you follow me too haha :D Lots of love my dear! <3

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