Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 13

Somewhere you'd like to move or visit

first impression : I would love to answer everywhere, can or not? 
straight forward and simple 
and I'm done blogging for today. 
haha. "damn you,jo"  my inner self telling me that I've lost my commitment towards this blog. 
which I won't, cause it's my new year resolution. 

okay okay, done with your crap jo. 
cut the crap and lets go!

I want to visit everywhere! 
but I have a list of place to go before I die. (yerseh) -.-

Rome, Italy (Vatican City too)

Because it's such a beautiful place to visit don't you think?
I want to go there to meet my papi, the Holy Father of Pope Benedict XVI.
even just to see a glimpse of Our Holy Father from afar. 
I'll be very glad. 

do I need to explain why? lol

Hong Kong 
the beautiful scenery at night is breathtaking.
Hong Kong Disneyland! 

 Did I mentioned how cute HK disneyland dim sum is super cute? 
and of course, dim sum. (I am so hungry right now!)

the island there, omgah. 
how could you not go there? 
shopping is the best there too ! :P 
as if I ever go hahah. 

to experience northern light :) 
(I want to fly there now, if I see that now I'll be in *langit ketujuh* hahaha. cloud nine. :P
but direct translate says seven. 

South Africa
sunset in Africa would be wonderful. 
surrounded with tigers, lions, zebras, snakes and etc. 
who want to come with me? 
let's date in Africa! :D 

New York 
to walk at the NY time square. 

remembering times of MKA
 eye of London 
London clock tower :) 

to watch Salmon give birth during the winter time! 
Salmon is really nice to eat. (hungry again)

Beautiful Niagara Falls :D
& also to meet my family there :) 

To watch Kangaroos? really. hahahahha

New Zealand 
to watch the pretty sheep there! 
how adorable. 
suitable for counting sheep before sleep! hahaha

 The great wall of Chinaaaaaaaa
How Chinese series influence my imagination about the ancient Palace there :) 

such a beautiful scenery of Taj Mahal :) 
and Saree  ! 

Abu Dhabi 
I just want to go there, simple as that, yes? 

that's the end. 
this post took me really long time to finish D: 
ain't complaining, just saying. 
Goodnight / goodmorning
bye, enjoy your weekends!
it's Friday already. 



Meitzeu said...

Hi there! U're a Bornean too! :)
I would love to go those places U want to go too!
There's so much places for us to explore in the world. :)

Diana Diane Teo said...

Wow! That are cool list of places to go especially on New York, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Do check out and follow my blog as I blog about travel such as Japan, Hong Kong, Paris and even Venetian :)

Joanna said...

diana : thanks for dropping by, your blog is pretty :)

Salha said...

Lovely photos!! :)

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