Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 14

Your earliest memory

don't I look just cute? hahaha

let you see another one, much cuter i bet :P

my hair stands lol.

one of my earliest memory would be this uncle calling me trojan because of hair. 

i don't quite remember how is like during my childhood. 
but I could still remember some. 
I've got no photo of me and my childhood friend last time. 
but I have the one when we grow up (excuses because I'm lazy to find the photo)

this is my childhood best friend, Melinda ! :) 
she's younger than me a year. 
I've known her for nearly my whole life I think ;P

my earliest memory are mostly spend with this girl and another few girls and boys which we still remain friends :)
life is awesome, yes? 
I used to remember those day when she come over to my house and play. 
we ride the bicycle in the house, 
broke the glass, broke the vase. 
which some she doesn't remember that I still do. 
we did so much things together. 
obsession of Hello Kitty and Polly Pockets too. 
playing under the bell where opposite us was just the mosque. 
I wonder how did we tolerate the sunny heat on every Saturday afternoon. 
we went on stage together for Christmas singing competition, where we sang 'twinkle twinkle little star'
and how happy we were to receive puzzle. 
I wish we were still as naive and small like last time :)
we went to school together at Good Shepherd , Lutong. 
although we weren't in the same class, or not sitting together. 
we came together as our mum take turn to pick or send us there :)
we always argue who was older, and I've always told her that I was. 
but she always said that she was. I doubt that she still remember this. 
it's quite funny to think about it now. 
I still remember this conversation where you told me how your mum gave birth to you.
hmm, I'm wondering now how could a 4 years old think about that. 
is it normal or is it just us two?
we argue a lot when we were younger, cause we were still young. 
as we got older, things are okay. 
tolerable and just fine. 
I got so much to say, 
but I want to say thank you for giving me such memorable childhood :) 
I don't know how my childhood memory would be any fun if it's without you, Melinda. 


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