Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 12

Bullet your whole day. 

I woke up pretty late this morning, about 10 ish. or 9 hehe
by then my sister is in the kitchen already. 
guess what she did? 
Cupcakes for gawai :D 
Had "cang" for breakfast and nothing for lunch. 
lately I just don't bother to eat much.
fussy taste buds?

I didn't dry the laundry today cause my mum is impatient. 
so she dry it herself. hahaha
so I just helped around the kitchen washing the dishes. 
which I didn't like doing it at all. 

right after my sister finished doing her cupcakes. 
I asked her if she wanted to make macarons again? 
she said something else, like "go blend the oreos la!"
I was thinking.. what oreo? 
she thought I was talking about the oreo truffle -.-
which I made it after that. 

coated with chocolate and decorated with white chocolate. 
it tasted just fine to me. 
nothing excited. 

and as usual, when online. 
about 3 something, I went shower and ready to go out.
go nyabang which means visiting. :)
went to my sister's friend's house. 
I was expecting the liquor and tuak.
had an early dinner there. 
the food was yummylicious.
ayam pansuh, wow wow. nice okay.
too bad, I was too full to eat the 2nd round. 
sadly also, I didn't take any photo. 
then they had liquor and tuak.
haha, my sister was so nice that she replaced me cause I'm having Chemistry exam tomorrow. 
she drank double. lol.
talk talk talk. 
then we went home around 7-ish.
showered and now updating my blog. 

did I mentioned that I created a new twitter account? 
anyone who has twitter, follow me yeah.
click here!

so yeah, that's my day. how's yours?
Gonna off to study now. 


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