Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 Had a stroll on the beach on Monday evening with love :)
had fun catching little crab yeah? :D

This fatty Maltese (I think) Pito having "sleepover" at my place during this Gawai Holiday :D 
hahah. cute right? 

My one and only loyal companion :) 
Vin Vin <3 

My new favourite drink! 
try it out :) 
absolutely yummeh baby :) 

went out with the childhood friend today for burgers and stop by at the bookshop to get some colouring book.
but that's not my point. 
I just wanted to say "Gayu guru gerai nyamai "
to those friends and readers who are celebrating. 
Happy Holidays. 
Have fun, 
for those who are drinking, 
remember don't drive :D 
save lives. 



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