Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moving on.

Finally I had the courage to tear off all of these and throw it away. 
feeling glad that I don't have that moment in the future to bump into that book and read stuff inside it anymore. 
full of heartache. :) 

you can tell that I was cleaning up my things. 
I left high school 2009, it's 2011 already. 
about time to get rid of it heheh. :P

I got injured this afternoon, when my little doggy chase the cat. 
so troublesome, however, this plaster saved me! 
cute right? :P 

trying to tie french bun! 
finally succeeded :) 
jumping like a little girl :D 
I like how my hair looks like here. (vain) 

took this with my phone. 
I was alone at home cause parents is out for wedding dinner. 
I had to cook for myself. 
I don't know what to eat, but suddenly I was craving for this :P 
it's burnt tomatoes with bread. :) for dinner.
how screw up is my time. hahaha.
having breakfast for dinner
yummlicious okay 

okay now, I have to read some bio.
killing brain cells. 

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