Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 01

Your current relationship , if single discuss how single life is. 

okay, totally not unrelated but related in a way. 
I guess you guys think I might post out his photo. 
but you're wrong. cause I'm not :P
and yes, I'm taken :)
but if you ask me, Imma say "I'm single of course, cause I got no ring on my finger"

my current relationship has lasted for 2 years plus. 
we both are doing fine in our life, 
been through all kinds of up and down for these 2 years. 
he's my high school sweetheart. 
he's really funny and he never fails to make me laugh. 
he's my best friend and my knight in shining amour. 
and there's one thing that I'm afraid to say is...
he's my everything. 
I couldn't go any day without him.
I don't really care what the world thinks about us. 
I don't really care what you think about us. 
honestly saying, I don't take things seriously in relationships.
well, cause I never know what's gonna happened next.
however , I cherish the every moment that we could spend together 
and also the wonderful memories. 
thanks for making me your world. 
I love you.

for more post about him, look here!

 enjoy your weekends! 

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