Monday, May 2, 2011

Keep Calm and have a cupcake

This obviously isn't cupcake dude, 
 Okay, fine wanna see cupcakes? 
just scroll down. :)
well, what you see up there is butter cake. classic butter cake :) 
I got many compliments for this cake. hahaha, altho I always say it's what I expected. 
I always expect it to be soft and fluffy (uhh) 
sorry, virgo is always a virgo. 
they are always a perfectionist wannabes when it comes to what they do. 
main point of this cake : experiment on how one recipe would look like for my brother's wedding cake. 
okay, this wasn't a good idea after all. 
1. I have no experience making cakes for occasions. And if I failed at it, I swear I will cry my lungs out (shit, this is just sarcasm)
I'll probably post up a picture of for the cake on itself. 
2. I've no experience of handling fondant. however, the aunty taught me how. fingers cross, hope that I make it just perfectly fine. 
3. I've got huge exam on that period of time. 
4. my family all around the world is coming. D: 
holly molly. ahhhhhhh
enough for the rant. 
lets proceed babeh 

Flowers made out of fondant. 
 these flowers, I made them. 
from fondant. I swear if ever I encountered such bad workmanship in my life
I would complain like crazy. but heyyy, 
I got no experience, and no one teach me. I did it all by myself. 
there's some roses that I made, but my mum spoiled it already. so, yeah. 
no photos of roses until I made it perfectly fine. 
hopefully tomorrow. 
damn, I need to study you see. 

this is royal icing with vanilla cupcake.

carrot cupcake with orange zest with cheese icing 
soft royal icing with chocolate cupcake 
I'm quite dumb you see. 
I'm spilling out what's gonna be like the wedding coming 14th may. 
HAHA. all this are experiments for the wedding cake. 
well, if you wonder.
we don't use the dummy cake during the wedding reception in the hotel
which explains it all. 
dayum. never knew a wedding could cause so much work eh. 

besides that, for the wedding we are going to have photobooth. 
our theme was... 
I don't know how to say. 
but I made these. 
which I haven't polish and spray it yet.
omg, I'm so stressed out. 
needa massage, anyone? 

HAHA, kk. 
bye bye. 
enjoy your holidays. 
Happy Labour Day everyone. 

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