Saturday, April 30, 2011

one after the another

I guess I wouldn't have someone next door telling me "Joan, 你已经长大了。"
I could still remember the way you said it before you fell sick, years back. 
the dark tan skin of yours, the way you wear your spectacles. 
your voice before you fell sick, I could still even remember the way you smiled. 
and I started working part time at your place, 
I watched you when you are having your breakfast, lunch and dinner sometimes. 
and watching you walking around the house to practice to walk from my kitchen windows. 
I guess, I couldn't see that anymore.
I have never knew that much of you, 
but having you telling me stories of my parents. 
I still remembered, even though you were sick, 
you told me that last time, when daddy wanted to go to mummy's house to see her
with daddy's big bike on. 
daddy got into an accident. 
you laughed telling me that daddy fell into the drain. 
well, you see. I wouldn't know about this if you didn't tell me. 
from you, I know my grandparents; 
I've never met my grandparents from my paternal side. 
especially my grandfather, as he left this earth earlier. 
from you, I knew that my grandfather loves drinking coffee. 
on the other hand, I've no memories of my grandmother, as she left not long after I was born. 
(oh how, I wish I got the chance to meet you both and to sayang sayang you both :'( )

you and daddy both grow up together. as my grandfather and your father are best friends. 
I've met your mother, she looks really young. 
and she's best friend with my grandmother. 
surprisingly, I never thought I would type this out with having tears running down my cheeks. 
and even surprising is, I have no blood relation with you. 

but I thank you for letting me know about how was the past in my family that I didn't get the chance to experience. 
what made me cried, was I still remember the way you told me "Joan, you've grown up".
indeed I did, 
sorry for not attending your funeral just morning. 
I felt so bad. :( 
altho' I'm no one to you, but you knew I cried. i'm just guessing. 
cause as I cried, it started to rain. :|

I will miss saying "Uncle,早安"

Rest in Peace. 

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