Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 03.

Your views on drugs and alcohol

My view on drugs and alcohol..
it's a hard question to answer actually. 
I believed that most of my friends do drink. 
drugs, I'm not going to say names.

I admitted I used to drink when I was a bit younger. 
Only started when I reach form 3. 
and quited around hahahha... last year?
I'm going to talk about alcohol first as I am more familiar to it. 
it's obvious that alcohol isn't good.
reasons are :
1. you get drunk.
2. which leads to accident.
3. might cause death.
4. you might get sickness causes from excessive alcohols. 
5. you might sleep with someone else :O wops. 
6. which causes break ups / divorce 
7. this is crazy
8. waste of money
9. hangover. 

meh, one disadvantages is I get rashes all the time after drinking. 
but I stopped just because I didn't like drinking at all. 

drugs is on the other hand, is totally a no - no. 
it will destroy your future. 
your life.
and also waste so much on money. 

However there's one advice to all, 


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NiNJADALiA. said...

Very lovely post with strong opinions, i love when people have some good and strong opinions! :)

xo Dalia

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