Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 04

your views on religion 

first impression on this question : gah, can I skip this? 
haha, another sensitive issue here. 

first of all, if you don't know me well / personally. 
I'm Joanna and I was born a Catholic. 
when I was younger, I was taught to pray and I could recite my own prayers when I reach 6 years old. 
I thanked my parents for teaching me how to pray.
I thanked my parents for accompanying me praying when I was younger. 
I used to remember that when I was younger, my family always pray in the room on this certain day. 
however, I was too young then to understand why. 

I have to admit that I have done things that I'm not proud of, 
but I'll try not to repeat and repent. 

as I reach older, I don't do my prayers.
that's one thing that I'm not proud of.
personally, my relationship between God and I has drifted apart so much over these few years of my life.
and it hurt me that sometimes it brings me tears when I'm in church.
just because I know His words are comforting me.
and I have always needed Him in my life.
I believe He loves me, I believe that He has everything planned out for me.
and I can never stop what's going to happened in the future.

I personally doesn't care about one's religion. 
despite the country I live in is multiracial and we have our own religion and believes.
I respect every religion that exists in this world. 
and I do believes the moral values in each religion
as long as they are good deeds. 
I believe in good deeds. 
I also believe that everyone is free to choose their own religion.

I am a human being, I judge sometimes.
I have always hated when someone blame one action based on their religion. 
I have always hated that. 
to me, it's not their religion faults. 
it's their own faults. 
I believe every religion is good in their own ways. 

to be honest, I stopped visited one of this Malaysian blogger when I saw that post. 
it hurt my feeling.
I'm not telling you who or what so. 
as I believe to live in peace. 

I have learnt critical thinking for almost a year now. 
and it taught me not to judge a book by it's cover. 

I felt ashamed that she was one of the famous blogger in my country 
and also not being able to be a role module to all blogger in my country.

peace ! 

after all, it's my opinion right? :P 

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