Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awaiting you

 Sorry for the silence all these weeks. 
I'm seriously busy like mad woman. 
Brother is officially married now. 
and I now has a sister in law, yayers! 
congrats to zee brother and sister in law :)
hopefully you both poops some pretty nieces and nephew for me soon! 
and grandchildrens for daddy and mummy. 
better be fast before I grow old. 
I actually can't wait for the moment already. -.-
too fast don't you think?
I'm crazy ugh wtf

anyways, many things happened within the week when I was away. 
Happy Sad and ochibala shit moment.
my hormones is controlling me, no wonder my red flag came a week earlier 
thanks to xperia reminder hahahaha. (i don't own one)

and as you scroll down, I actually forgotten why I posted this again. 
please note that when a girl has her period, she either is talkative, annoying, quiet, emo, angry..
long story short ...
too many emotions.
mood swings -.- pimple pop out here and there gah 
see, don't you think I talked too much? 
and it's not even the main point.
so much of skill to write useless essay next time hahahahahahah.
and did I tell anyone yet that today (idk why today) that I woke up and tell myself 
to be KIASU. 
never in my life. 
Kiasu in what le you think? 
of course in my studies. 
I need to have a goal at least to achieve something in my life.
sometimes someday somehow, I've always feel like a loser 
1. cause I'm not that smart. 
2. no it's wrong, I am smart, I am just lazy. 
3. Lazy is just pure excuses. 
4. I pampered myself too much
5. my boyfriend always pamper me too. hahahahahhaha
6. I'm in the wrong course. 
7. LOLS.
8. why am i posting this ?
9. I tend to go out of topic
10. this is awesome. I am awesome :P 

okay, if you don't know what kiasu mean...
okay i tell you, kiasu means scared to lose by other people. 
for example, you always want to be the top in class. 
that's kiasu. 
it has a good thing being kiasu okay :P 
you can learn so many things, be hardworking, and gain knowledge. 
how cool is that? 
super cool hahahahahha. 

After mumbling so much, let's back to the topic. 

this is before , before I polish and spray it. :) 

this is after, after I polish and spray it. 
okay la, the outcome was rather just fine. 
:( I'm actually kinda upset that I couldn't make it that smooth like you people can google it the web world. 
it looks rather rough for me, 
what can I say, I'm just first time learner. 
the photographer for my brother's wedding offered to help me to sell it in etsy. 
however, I got zero confident that I can make it perfectly like we see in other photo. 
so, I'll just let it go for a moment. 

and about photo? 
okay, to be honest, I didn't do much make up for the day itself. 
so don't expect too much. and photo isn't up yet. 
maybe soon. 
but for preview. 
I'm gonna post up some that I could find and photos of me and my cousin playing the webcam in the vip room
and yes, I brought my laptop during the wedding dinner -.-
anyways, we had so much fun playing with the webcam.
keep looking at our silly faces and laughed like crazy. hahah
I think everyone was high on something :P  
at the end, even worse, I broke my heels .hahahahaha
okay, enough of talking already. 
I got homework to do. 
yes yes, just another 4 papers to go! 

enjoy the photos ya :)

this is photobooth sesion. I'll just post up this. 
one is enough right for the event? 
spot me in bunny head band :P

okay I'm obviously high now okay. 
that's why my whole post is rather crazy and useless and full of crap.

special thanks to :

now you all know why. 
haha, bye. 
love you all :) 
keep visiting and do drop comments ya. 
have a goodnight and sleep rest tonight. 

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