Friday, May 20, 2011

it's fridayy fridayy.

this is one of my favourite food!  *non halal*

mom's porridge :D  

I don't know how we call this :S 

 Mom's favourite duck feet. *it's chicken feet i guess* hahah. thanks lc, for correcting me.
got a bit blur hahha

just morning, me and my mum went for breakfast before sending me to class. 
my class started at 10.30 as I don't take Physics. 
and it's such a waste of time going to school anyways. 
cause we all are having the exam mode and most students are absent. 
except the few of us. 
and all we did was just revision.
I have major problem with falling asleep in class. 
I just can't focus and being all sleepy in class.
should get a red bull next time. 
sheesh. -.-
it must be the Alevels schedule change my waking up time and also my school time.
it's all messed up now.
anyways, some of us had lunch at al asna. 
it's a mamak stall. 
I had roti telur with susu manis with kelapa. 
cause i don't take curryyyyyy. 

this is beatric

my roti telurrrr

my kelapa drink, not nice at all okay -.- 

not even a single 'isi' inside for me to eat :( tasteless lagi.

 one of my closest friend tengah posing. hahaha :) 

speechless, don't kill meh :D

 people playing games.

 the guai ones who actually studied.

Yolanda's new phone! 

I just realised how reckless I am without this blog. 
because I talk to myself, A LOT.
okay bye. :)
have a great weekend! 


Anonymous said...

omg!!i didnt realize you took all those photos!!
btw, its chickens feet or duck??and im hungru now..huhu..

erm..guessing that you will know who i am..XD

Joanna said...

eh, it's chicken. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. i got it wrong.
of course i know who la hahahhaha

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