Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

first of all, I just want to wish every mothers out there
Happy Mothers Day. 
Especially to my beloved mother. 
I don't know why, I feel really honoured to be your daughter. 
you had me for 9 months in your tummy, such a huge sacrifice you did to me. 
I was the product of your last try after miscarriage of my twin brother ans sister. (fraternal twins)
possibly, I was lucky enough to be on earth today mum. 
I wouldn't be here without you and the help of daddy (hehe)
I probably doesn't look very much like you or daddy. 
But, no matter what. I love you :D
Thanks for taking care of me since I was young. 
Thanks for bringing me to the doctor where we found out that I had ear infection. 
and you took care of me really well.
I remembered lying on your lap while you clean my ears and also apply medicine into it. 
and as I grow older, I became such a rebellious child i must say. 
however , at this moment of time. 
I start to control my temper towards you when you lecture me or something. 
I'm sorry when I raised my voice when I talked to you. 
I sometimes doesn't mean it at all.
I'm sorry I've broke your heart many times .
and also disappoint you, which I know I will in this coming exam
however, I've always knew, no matter what I get. 
you'll accept it. but deeply I know you wanted me to be the best. 
I'm sorry mum,but I will give my best for you. 
I'll love you forever and eternity. 
May God bless all your good deeds and May He protect you always 
no matter what you do, no matter where you are. 
Amen :) 

did you spot the the heart shape? 

nice right? 

handmade craft work for sell

this say it all :) 


once again, Happy Mother's day everyone. 
hope you enjoy your weekends. 

do wish me luck for my As (Alevels) exam starting tomorrow alright? :S
love you 

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