Friday, April 15, 2011


so yeah... could you see? 
the photo above. the muffin is such a failure somehow.
based on how it looks like. 
I mean the colour of the texture isn't what I expected. 
seriously, damn disappointed okay T.T
I was rather disappointed because of the colour. 
it looks naked, like its not cooked yet. 
ha, muffin doesn't suppose to look like this. 
well to me. 
I wonder if the photo in the book influence the way I think about the muffin I made.
however, the taste is slightly edible and acceptable to me. 
it's not that sweet, normally, it's really sweet. hahaha

the first thing when I smelled it, 
it smelled like.. scones. 
taste like scones..
except for the spongy texture. 
search in google if you don't know what scones is. 

Have you noticed that I haven't mentioned what muffin did I bake? 
HAHAHA. nameless muffin. 
lol, kidding la wtf. 
did you see the moisture in the muffin? (okay, my sentence doesn't sounds right, idc)
it's apple chunks.

okay, this is how it actually supposed to look like. 



k la, I give you the name la..
actually got no name. 


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