Saturday, April 16, 2011


First of all, sorry gee for the large capital letters :P 



so do you wanna know what are tips to cheat during exam? 

I can't actually give you the tips. 
cause I've never tried these tips yet. 
so, I let you try first then give me some response how was it okay? 

if you guys are trying to figure out why did I do such post.
answer is because me and my friends came out with it after I wrote my name on the 
labelled sticker for the practical exam. 
she had this imagination about writing the answer on the labelled sticker. 
boo, ( our secret is out already? )
sorry love. HAHAH.

However, only some of this tips are gonna be revealed. 
the rest is kept to ourselves. 

reasons why I don't cheat is because 
1. I'm paying for my examination papers, so.. I don't want to get into trouble by cheating right? 
2. I'm just honest (bluff)
3. Cause I think it's karma hahah.
4. I can't find any reasons anymore. 
5. okay,I'm done and lets proceed to the important part baby :P

(noted that most of the photo are taken from tumblr, however, you could check out at the end for more tips. haha)

-why did I even do this post?- 

the coca cola method 

wear mini skirts/ shorts method. hehe 

the finger nail method. 

the drinking method. 

copy from your ipod method 

the phone/ texting method

note behind your hand method 

written on hand method 

behind your friend's back :P this is kinda cheeky for some reasons. do it with your spouse instead! :D

behind your sleeve :D

on your pen method :D 

in your bra method 

looking at your neighbor's answer method 
other method that you might considered as well are : 
  • write on your ruler :P 
  • calculator method by writing some stuff at the white paper behind the calculator. 
  • the write on the desk method
  • the backpack method 
  • rubber method 
the are actually plenty of methods to learn how to cheat in the internet. 
if you are that desperate (hehe), google!
however my moral of the story is, study! don't cheat in exam, cause you'll regret baby for not knowing what are you learning.
Study is so far the best method to sit for an exam. 
with no worries and no sweat 
and also you'll prove to yourself, you can do it! :) 

So good luck in your examination and always pray before you sit for an exam. 
do your best :)

p/s : dear Alevels coursemates, do not try this during As or I'll get killed. 
I know you all love me, so don't do it. HAHAHAH

K bye. 

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