Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hippo :)

April hasn't been a great month to begin with. 
it seemed like April fool. 
but hey, look at the bright side alright? 
there's always ups and downs in life. 
bottom line is, live goes on :)

so there was something to look forward to, 
especially today. 
cause it was Mee Ming's birthday. :P 
he turned 20 today, not that old right? haha

the classmates decided to get him something, which was last minute i guess? 
I probably seldom update about what happened in class. 
but it's exception for today :)

cause I deserve to remember this joyful moments (what the.. -.-)
who knows, 10years later I'll remember it again by looking at this blog post. 
okay okay jo, cut the crap please. 

come come hurry hurry...

let's proceed for the big new baby in class :P

isn't this the cutest? :) 
Happy Birthday! 


Hippo stole my sit

I finally squeeze in with Hippo, and aren't my fingers cute? teehee

Hippo watching the front row and Ms Tan, biology class hehe

Hippo's eyes. 

the classmates, take 1. 

take 2 :) 

birthday cake. and we were running late 

 Birthday Cake :) 
I still don't know what's the hippo name. 
I as well, doesn't know it's gender. 
But I hope Mee Ming, Mr Pinky love the gift we bought him. 
all the best in life, buddy :) 

okay okay, 
last picture okay? :P

Look at Mee Ming's face, so happy :P 
and now, I'm taking advantage to ask..
Anyone interested? 
He's single :P I think HAHA. 

k la, byeeeeeeeee :) 

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