Friday, March 11, 2011

Eaten by Ratz.

Harro :P 
Last Tuesday, we celebrated Yolanda's birthday. :) 
(Same day celebrating for Amila's :D)
too much of birthday? :P
Anyway, it was a surprised birthday celebration. 
It was fun somehow when me and hani cheated the two rats in class cause we weren't having class that time as it was Physics class. teehee.

Yolanda's favourite cake, tiramisu (yums!) 
18th Birthday :) 
weewooweewoo blow haha 

cutting the cake. 
Tadaaaaaa :) 
It was too yummy that the leftover's look like it has been eaten by ratz. hahaha
sorry, we couldn't be bothered to take photo because of the cake :P

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