Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I see drunk people

hello peeps, 
sorry for not updating. 
life is busy, I passed my JPJ by the way :) 
hehe, now I can drive legally :D 

and on the same day, it happened to be both of my friends birthday. 
Yolanda and Amila :) 

However, for now, I'm going to update for Mila's birthday dinner , first :) 

We went to Siamese Secret for dinner. 
It was just four of us.
the birthday girl, Amilaaaaaaa
Onon, Meeza and me :D 

Birthday Girl :) 
slow juwak blow lilin ya :P 
the cake 
Birthday girl's fried rice. 
Onon's Money bag ( yes, money bag) rasa kaya lekak makan :D 
Chicken with baked Parmesan Cheese? 
two different expression :D 
smiles :D 
yah, Onon :P 
Mila, Onon and me. 
Meeza , Mila and Me 
Me and dearest Meeza . I likey her eyes. 
our group photo by the Filipino waiter, Salamat :) 
That's all I perhaps, was dead tired when I got home yesterday night. hahaha
there is tons of photo, but I'm just a little bit lazy :P 

love ya :) 

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