Saturday, February 26, 2011

when I'm hungry.

I swear this post is just going to kill me. 
I'm hungry, at this time. 11pm
:O I hope I'm not the only one. 

I feel like eating... roti john, kinky burger, kebab (special someone still owe me kebab :P), waffle,
laksa sarawak, kek lumut, and so much more. 

Santa wants me to be fat (random) hahaha. =.=

photos below are random. 

pocky & yan yan are my favorites :D 

Pavlova with fresh strawberry :D

fried kentang? D: 
Hershey's cookies and cream :D 


the messed up cupcake. blueberry chesse as the icing. yum to the max! 

home cooked food by special someone :)))
ligo crisp potato sticks. weehee 

another home cook food from special someone :D 

was just trying out this lolipop hehe 

the sushi my friend made, nice :D 

hershey's on hari raya from ebin :D 

Chocolates :D 

the aunty in the florist gave me this . 

SCR sweet and sour chicken rice :D 

Ben and Jerry :)

I think I had enough of food porn to torture this tummy of mine.
however, I'm not going to starve. I have gastric. hehehe
hope this post makes you hungry hahaha
goodnight peeps.

do leave me comments :)
enjoy your weekends

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