Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paris :*

Bonjour everyone. 
Just so you know, this post is just random hehe
What do you have in mind when you think of... Paris? :D 
eifeel tower? :)
of course, the city of love.

Besides eifeel tower, 

 it's macaroons (I even managed to say it in French,haha)

 since we (me and my sister) have such deep interest towards Macaroons, we tried making it. 
My sister (shh) is more obsessed with it compared to me. 
imagine she google search for the recipe from head to toe and print it ALL out -.-
I'm guessing she read it all, and made research by herself to get the complete recipe. 
ha ha, and all the credit goes to her cause most of the time she is the one who make it. 
go do research yourself and you'll know why. 
I could say it's the most complicated recipe ever. 
tips? hatch your eggs for at least three days. count how many time you mix the mixture, not too watery and make sure no air bubble in your mixture? 
want to know how? the internet has it all :)  

strawberry flavor 

chocolate flavor 

chocolate flavor 

our very first attempt, home made. isn't it impressive? 

after a few attempt

the latest attempt so far, with chocolate nutella as the filling
please note that, no matter how many time you have tried making it, it's not always perfect. so don't get your hopes too high, cause you'll be disappointed.

told you it's random right? 
Au revoir! 

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