Monday, February 28, 2011

Goodnight you, Goodnight moon.

Hi, I know I'm not supposed to be here. 
due to quiz after quiz and load shits of work :( 
Yknow I can never let this eat up my whole life right? 
I'm so tense, JPJ test is next week D: I'm afraid of failure. 
ha, no matter what I'm gonna tell myself to accept the reality if I failed. lols

sorry but today no food post.
I found this at smooches-berry . pre order at 160. love at first sighttttt :( 

this pretty awesome shoe by kulkithshoes
ps : kulkithshoes currently having promotion for Malaysian customer to reduce the postage. 
feel free to visit them. 
I love all of their shoes. D: 

oh money, why are you not my friend now? lol

I want this two so badly. 
Anyone care to get me one? hehehe 

Got to go before someone comes hunt me to study my pure math 3. 
having quiz tomorrow. 
wish me luck!! :) 

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