Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lucky day :)

for the first time I updating my blog twice in a day. 
lol, forgive me please? 
I felt a bit weird when I saw so much of visitors through Feedjit Live. 
Never did I knew, I was featured the blogger of the week. 
I couldn't believe my eyes o.O
blogger of the week, what did I do? 
I think it's about my food D: 

food is good,yes? 
so do expect more food post coming :) 

just click the image for clearer view. 

and having my site next to Yuna's youtube channel ,wow.

thanks again ,wasn't expecting anything like this. 
however, in life, we got to expect the unexpected also too, yes? 

In conjunction with this, guess what? 

I receive some red roses from my special someone :) 
wasn't really expecting it at all, but really really sweet of you.
if you are asking for a photo? 
I might not post it up :P haha

Goodnight peeps. 
Have a great week ahead. 

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