Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last Sunday :)

that is the weirdest thing that I have ever said. 
cause I don't really use that term. but HI! 
It reminds me of my friend :) haha

Anyways, after we got back from Kota Kinabalu.
We went to Excapade Sushi in Kuala Belait, Brunei for lunch. :)
why does it seems like I have never stopped blogging about food? :|

let's proceed with food porn, shall we ? :P 

seaweed and baby octopus. 

Shela enjoying her seaweed :P 

the love bird. 

fried lotus? 

fish salad 


salmon skin :) 


(fill in the blank) 


fried salmon cheese sushi 

us. :) 


tempura mix

fried sushi :) 

California sushi 

Salmon :) 

The two little kepo ones

three blind mice :P 

ice cream? 

Arthur and ruby doing their moustache. 
and we were done. 
we went separately after that, sad case right. 
and it was time to go shopping for food :P 

after that, one of the little kepo ones wants to go to the beach.
which where I got my sand fly bites. 
left me with scars, how nice hahah. 

Melinda and I 

Daniel and Shela 



playing with crab. -.- 


shoes again.
so you think this gonna be the end? 
not so soon :) 

when we reached miri.
We went out again, for dinner :D 
We went to Little China for steamboat. weehee. 

it was a double birthday surprise :D 

group photo. 
the unique birthday cake from Secret Recipe :) 

the birthday cakes goes round the table :D

So many cakes? 

Little China 

Marilyn , Christine, Ruby and Arthur. 
Chili sauce anyone? 

our mumy for the night, she's gorgeous right? :)

and I am done for now :)

hope you guys enjoy your weekends , God bless.

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