Monday, February 21, 2011

Double celebration

hows your Monday treating you today? 
ha, Monday isn't treating me any well. :(
Feeling so intense since morning and had driving trial test. 
It went really bad for me. darn.

Not going to say much though. 
we should look at the bright side, should we? 

On Saturday, we celebrate my sister and aunt's birthday together and also discuss my brother's wedding reception.

I didn't took that much photo. 
but enjoy the food porn :P

the rose agar agar. pretty right? :D 

the birthday cake 

the cupcake 

the double celebration haha 

banoffee pie (paradise okay!!)

dessert time :)

I got really nothing much to say,
might be away tho. :)
we'll see.

take care, xoxo

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