Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last day :)

hellllllllllo :)
obviously, i think i forgot what happened that day already. 
didn't i mentioned that in like every post? :P 
firstly, we packed our stuff and put it in Rachel's car. 
Brunch time!
we headed to this Chinese Restaurant again, but this time with the guys. 
we then split into two groups. 
the girls, Christine and Ruby followed Rachel to go out of town to find for a wedding dress again. 
wedding dress hunting, wish I could followed, 
but I wanted to go shopping. 
so, ended up, the guys (Bernard, Stephen and Arthur) tag along with the rest of the girls.
me and the two Heidi's. :)
however, we went separate ways after they shopped for a while. 
guess where did they went? 
to the cyber cafe to play game -.-
kek dao or not? hahaha 

now, again sorry. 
but it's telling me to do, photo time. 
(seriously, I'm hungry now T.T)
little things that we bought. 

the morning before we checked out. we got two rooms if you are wondering. but we decided to sleep all in one room .

me, sister and Rachel 

Arthur serious face? 

Heidi T, Stephen and Bernard. 

gropu photo :D 

La Mian 

yolk pau (?)

Heidi and Rachel 

Playing games with his Iphone 

Dim Sum 

La Mian with Wantan 

Yummy Prawn

Fried Carrot Cake 

Dim Sum ? 

Xiao Long Bau 

see, the yolk? :D 

eat eat 


dim sum again 

yours truly :D 

watching some Digi advertisement 


dim sum 

Lion dance. 
 then we went shopping,
 walking around then Makan time again 

Heidi T. 

Heidi F. 

Joanna F. 




i see padini 
then it was dinner time!! 

Christine Ruby Emily and Rachel :) 

group photo busy eating. lol 
scary? yes no? 
these two never stop :P 

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