Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kota Kinabalu day three :)

On the third day in KK, we had our girls day out :) 
the guys went for water rafting from morning till evening. 
I'll let the photo do the talking. 
be prepare for more food photo, I hope I won't make you hungry :P 

La mian 


idk what is this. haha 

xiao long bao 

sup from my rice :P 
fried carrot cake

Butter Prawn 



ice cream time :D 

look alike, don't ya think? 

Ferroro ice cream :D 

me and Christine :P 

Christine's ice cream
Heidi with her ice cream 
at the bridal shop 
Rachel trying :) 
Very pretty, don't you think so? 

dinner time :P 

how do we call this? 

sayur :p


and again, our favorite oyster omelet's 

I don't know cook with what. haha 


food :D 

butter crab. 


yummy coconut pudding :)

what's with that expression? :P 


sea creatures. 

the crab that got angry at us .haha 

we were done for that night. :) 

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