Wednesday, February 16, 2011

KK trip day 2.

the moment I wrote my title,i forgot what I wanted to say already. *Feeling very nervous for some reasons, I know it cause my palm is sweating* wth la.

I forgot what happened on the 2nd, but through my instincts (yerseh) we went to the island.
We all promised to go to island hopping for all 5 island.
yada yada yada ... the next morning. guess what? we were late :P
so we only managed to go to two island, which is, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sapi :)

ps : I can't swim. HAHAHA. worst thing when you go to an island not knowing how to swim.

it seems like a good idea to learn how to swim :)

Before going :) 

Stephen at the back, spot me :P 
my flipper :D 

Ruby and Christine :) 

Pulau Manukan 

Reaching :P 

Stephen and Heidi 
Me in between the two Heidi's :) 
Beware of Jelly Fish D: 
Ruby, Christine, Bernard, Arthur, sis and me at the back 

the lovely couple , Arthur and Ruby :) 

Before leaving Pulau Manukan 

Arthur had fun eating chipsmore

group photo :)

Pulau Sapi rubbish bin. hahah 

Pulau Sapi 

Christine. Notice the clear water? :) 

Bernard kena bully :D 

Arthur enjoying his beer and cigarette 

the five of them, I wonder what Christine is doing :P 

Prolly my favourite photo of her 

it was dinner time, one of the favourite oyster omelette's 

Heidi, Rachel and Christine 

Ruby and Arthur 

Bernard and Stephen 

I forgot what is this called. 


Mcdonald for sundae 

Outside and inside the bar? 

Arthur and Stephen playing pool 

Bernard and Ruby 

me and my sister. 

Ruby,Rachel, Christine and Heidi

Kind of a group photo.

and we were done for the 2nd day I guess :) 

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