Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1st day in Kota Kinabalu

Firstly,hey, Happy Maulidur Rasul to all my muslim friends. :}
since it's a public holiday today, so I decided to blog about my trip to Kota Kinabalu :)
we went to KK on the 7th February, by the time reaching the apartment it was already the next day.

After reaching the apartment, we went to nearby McDonald to have supper :) 

the group photo, including the love bird behind :P 

Bernard eating chocolate sundae with his 'bibs' haha :D 

then we went back to the apartment to have some rest. 
had brunch at I forgot whats the shop name and no photo taken. boo :(
we then walked to centre point, 
I don't remember much but I'll let the photo do the talking . 

cute Heidi and Christine :)  

me and the sister :P
the guys enjoying playing games :D 

one of the things that the guy bought in Daiso Japan. 

me, the sister and Christine while waiting for Heidi. 

Stephen and Bernard. take 1

take 2 

take 3. 
 then we had dinner at pizza hut, no photo was taken again. haha
this is what happened after we went home. everyone was in their own world solving sudoku and puzzle paper taken from pizza hut :) 

the love bird concentrating on finishing the sudoku.

Bernard trying to figure out.

as well as Ruby. 

Arthur was using my lappy.

guess what, we had supper again.
tapau Mcd :) 
the delivery boy. :P 

Ruby enjoying her Mcnugget. 

Arthur having his i don't remember :P

I was eating my Mcnugget while sister was counting the bills. 

Lastly, Bernard sleeping with his fries? :P

i hope you enjoy this post :)


PuiSung said...

hello, i happen to read your blog as it is on the digi homepage.
i've planned to go to KK with my friends mid year.
any recommendation like places?

Joanna said...

hello Pui Sung :) thanks for commenting :) KK? recommendation.. most probably the island? you should go to Sapi Island. although Manukan is one of the famous island, however, the water isn't that clear as I thought it would be. besides that, I would love to go to Mataking Island. it's a paradise :D shopping malls, like 1 Borneo, Warisan Square, Suria and Center Point. try visit Sutera Harbour and Tanjung Aru as well. in Sabah has this Philippines market, just beware of pick pocket. I avoided going places like that. just if you don't know where is the jetty to go to the island, tell the taxi or whoever is sending you to send you to the Jesselton point. :) the food there is awesome, especially the seafood. you must try. try asking the locals over there to get to the seafood place, it's an open market like that. hahaha.

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