Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i is healthy.

Look who is back ? 
I'm currently having holiday so yeah, quite free a bit :) 
but still I need to get study soon. :D 

I don't upload a lot of photo of myself but here's one just cause I feel like uploading. HAHHA. 
I'm actually out of topic to blog about, I don't have any mojo anymore. :| 
but here, I don't know if I ever mentioned that I started eating healthy regularly already? 
Since the beginning of the month, so it's about 3 weeks less. :)
I find eating healthy fun, like really. 
especially during doing grocery shopping.
I don't know if its weird, but let me tell you a list of food that I eat in a week.
there are mostly just fruits and vegetables. 
the list goes like... 
leek,asparagus,broccoli,cabbage,lettuce,cucumber,spinach, baby kai lan, celery,carrots,papaya,banana, grapefruit, kiwi, watermelon, red apple, green apple, avacado.. 

I just went to the refrigerator to grab watermelon juice and check out what thing I missed out. 

hmmm, bean sprout, potatoes, tomatoes, buah mentega manis (?) and parsley. 

quite a lot right? HAHAH. the family could just spend hundreds ringgit just for fruit and vegetables in a week. quite crazy don't you think? 

 my breakfast for yesterday :D 

 I don't know what is this, does anyone know? wildberry? my mom planted this. 

 Grapefruit :D 

 Fried tomatoes 

 my watermelon juice today :D 

 Parsley :) 

 Asparagus :D 

Something just to spoil my taste bud yesterday :) 

and if ever you ask me to diet, I'll say no. I don't diet. :)
but I eat healthy food.secret is, blend fresh fruit and vegetables juice everyday. 
hehehe, I gained like 2 to 3 kilos the first week. then back to my normal weight and manage to lost more than a kilo now. without exercising. I'm lazy. pfft. 
I didn't drink juices to lose weight, but to stay healthy that's it :) 
why diet when you can have fun with your food.? 

too bad I didn't take any photo of the fruit juices that I blend everyday except for today's. 
which is watermelon and apple juice. 

heh, I missed my boyfriend when I think of watermelon. hahah. 

Lols, thanks for reading or not reading it at all. 
this post is really boring, I know. 
I talked  too much right? (Yes I know) 

okay now bye :D 


Sasa Tien said...

i always eat raw carrot , baby tomato and raw raw cucumber.. just like you , i love to consumed vegetables.

ken said...

healthy diet ah.. haha :)

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