Monday, June 20, 2011

Ways to overcome sleeping in class/work.

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Do you have the same problem as I do? 
HAHHHHHHH. I'm so stressed out lately, ever since after As exam. 
I kept falling asleep in class. I couldn't stand it anymore that I told my friend just now, that
I'ma google ways to overcome sleeping in class. 
Cut the crap, I've did my research so I'm going to give you some tips. :D 

okay, lets get it starting. 

  1. this is the obvious one, get enough sleep! at least 8 hours per day. for me it's special, I need 24 hours of sleep per day, it's never enough D: 
  2. eat healthy breakfast daily. eat less sugar and carbohydrate!  avoid bread & daily products (what?!, really? :O)
  3. Take a cat nap :) this one works best for me in between break times :D 
  4. Pinch yourself when you're sleepy. (I should thank my friend sometimes for pinching me when I'm half asleep) I know it's weird, but try it :)
  5. Caffeine & red bull, if you're not a fan of those two like me. drink tea! :)
  6. For tips number 5, drink it slowly, as if you drink straight away, you'll crash within the next few hours. :)
  7. Exercise :) take a walk around the school building, halls etc etc. my lecturer had us walked the whole building the other day for getting the graph wrong. I think it's awesome. 
  8. Sit up straight, cause slouching in your chair will make you lazy and ZzZzzz.... haha
  9. Wash your face with cold water :) feel more refreshing :D 
  10. write during meeting or lecture, as it will keep you thinking and not fall asleep. taking up notes is good right? 
  11. Drink water to stay hydrated and awake :) 
  12. make funny/lame/stupid jokes. hahaha, I normally do this with my friend just to keep me awake :) 
  13. I never tried this, but pull down on your earlobes. some research says it works! worth the try hehe
  14. play games! omg this works really good. this would be my main reason why I should get an iphone. I miss playing my friend's smurfy or other games. a few minutes works best :D 
  15. go out from the classrooms for a while to take some fresh air and 'sun bath'. such a plus plus to get vitamin D right? :P 
  16. motivate yourself, like rewarding yourself if you didn't fall asleep the whole day :)

Life is awesome. 
Hope you like my post :) 
Have a great Monday :D 


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