Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Macarons success :)

Hello hello :) 
how was your tuesday going? 
hee, anyways, 
I update my blog today just to show you guys these. 
my sister baked macarons again on Father's day.
when I wasn't around :(  
I feel kinda down cause I wasn't at home the other day .
but anyhow, I hope it makes you wanna eat 'em :) 

Isn't it just perfect? 
the macarons hasn't been these perfect before. 
haha, just so if you wanna know. 
it's Lemon macarons with Lemon Ganache. 

I won't be updating that much after this, cause I'm quite busy.
so do come visit me too for my next update
take care. xoxo


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Meitzeu said...

Its look yummy!!

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