Monday, June 27, 2011

Did I just mentioned Kawaii ?

I'm utterly bored now, I'm sorry :3
and when I was bored last night, I took out my ring base, hot glue gun, lace and this cake eraser out. 
cake eraser -.- 

I encounter this cute cake eraser at the back of this stationary shop :3
it has four different kinds of eraser.
remember how when we used to be kids, we buy lots of eraser? 
haha, I don't even know why. 
but this kawaii eraser is too cute so I got one pack of 4 different one inside. :) 

and tada, a ring. lolers. I didn't realise the thingy at the ring . 
it's not that nice. 
but from the cake, it pretty makes my day already. 
and also reminds me to make pretty cakes like this in the future :) 


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