Thursday, June 30, 2011

Class trip :)

Really rare trip though, memorable and fun :) 
We had our class cancel for this trip. haha, we went for Brass band competition. 
so sad that we only had 3 schools only. 
from Riam Road Secondary, Chung Hua Miri and St Columbia. 
We however managed to watch Chung Hua Miri only. I was expecting to watch Riam Road :( 
Chung Hua Miri got first place by the way, their performances was great. 
it gave me a fairytale feeling or more like Alice in the wonderland. 
but the music was a bit dull. but all over, it was great. 
 you could watch it here
I love how the freezing effect, damn stunning. 
but the video is quite small to take note, so you can't exactly feel like what I felt on the spot. :P
Indeed, they deserve it :)

it finished quite fast, so then we headed to Singapore Chicken Rice Shop to have our brunch? :D

 French Fries 

 Tauhu with oyster sauce 

 Wet Kueh Tiaw. really? 

 my combo set hahah 
most of us had combo set, only 5.40 (I think) for fried/steam chicken rice and blackcurrant drink :)
go try now if you haven't. 

On top of that, I just want to give some comment on the customer service at SCR, 
one of my friend ordered cheese sandwich (I think), she ordered only one for sandwich, 
end up they gave an extra plate for that sandwich. 
and another friend of mine ordered chicken rice as well, 
yet she didn't get it until she asked for it for the second time. 
as a waiter/waitress, it's your job to ask and reassure your customer on their order before giving it to the people who works in the kitchen. 
and you have no right to even say it out loudly which was inappropriate and rude at the same time to say that 'oh, she said she didn't ordered this' in a really rude tone. 
it's true that she didn't. so don't complain.
this is the 2nd time I encounter this in SCR though, 
the previous time, I ordered sweet and sour chicken rice, 
ended up, they serve me only the sweet and sour chicken..
without the rice? HAHAHA. 

EEK. waiter/waitress, please clean your ears . lol.

*this post is so irrelevant* 

after brunch, I had this for lunch. hahahah
Chicken Ham sandwich. 
all I can say is, don't let the food deceive you. 
or better, photo. lol

okay bye :D 


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