Thursday, May 5, 2011

without you, I'm nothing

Happy Birthday Daddy, 
you are the best Dad in the whole wide world. 
I got many things that I want to tell you. 
but I don't think you will ever find this out. 
Daddy, when I was younger, 
you are the only man in my life. 
you protect me like I'm your precious little princess. 
I used to love sitting on your lap. 
while you sing along with me. 
you taught me how to pray. 
you spoiled me so much as I was the youngest. 
when I grow up, I was the only hope that you could depend on for our family's future. 
as I get older, daddy you grow even older dy. 
It brings me to tears sometimes when I think of you at night. 
you're carrying a really huge burden because of us. 
I can't afford to watch you and mummy grow older. 
I love you both so dearly. 
I wish that I could take care of you both,
so that you don't have to worry so much for us. 
however, I am still young to do that. 
I wish I was born first sometimes. 

Papi, you're 56 this year. I can now clearly see wrinkles on your face. 
I will love you forever until I die. 

and without you, I'm nothing. 

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