Monday, May 30, 2011

How my saturday went :)

 On Saturday morning, attended a family church friend's daughter's wedding. 
it was beautiful indeed. 
kinda like my dream wedding :P
it's more like the western style. 
with bride of honour and etc. 
even the decorations are kinda nice and pretty for me. :)

Ian and Grace, congratulations on your wedding :) 
Marriage is once in a lifetime, so appreciate one another. :)

then we went to their house for reception, cause there was two wedding on the day so we couldn't stay at the church that long. 

recycled tin for decorations, awesome huh? 
go green people :D 

the food was really cute :)

in the evening, we celebrated arsul & harith's birthday :)

before that, I had lunch with azra, nazim and boyfie.
no pictures available. hahaha.

then at night, we went to David's. 
the guys wanted to play pool.
then we went hommmmmmme :) 

on Saturday also, I went to fetch my bag from poslaju. 
finally it's here :) 
photo is from the seller, I'm too lazy to take photo of it haha. 


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