Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 09

how you hope your future will be like

it's similar to Day 02 right? 
that post has said it all. 
however, sometimes, it doesn't happened. 
and I couldn't predict how is my future gonna look like. 
and of course, everyone wishes that their future will be great. 
big house, perfect husband/wife, nice car, beautiful kids, etc etc. 

am i right? 
I got nothing much to say cause I've already explained where I want to be in the next 10 years. 

I might just write something about what I looked for in my future husband ;)
I'm sorry that I'm going to talk crap cause I just consume chocolate. 
I might get high when I start my imagination. hahahhaa
and all these will be close to be the perfect husband :P 

  1. Loyalty is a must :) if he is not loyal, I'll throw him into the rubbish bin :D 
  2. he must be sweet like candy, or chocolate. so he can makes me happy all the time. quite impossible right? might consider making him my chill pill. hehe
  3. he has to be understanding, patient and caring. a girl like me is hard to handle, okay? he has to understand me well, like.... (omg i'm so fussy), patient cause I throw tantrums on him when I get angry/ pissed off. caring, when he know that something is not right.
  4. loving person, so that he can be a loving father to our childrens. wakakkakaka. (I'm too young to get married now) the perfect daddy to become their hero when they grow up.
  5. self respect. he needs to respect me, he needs to understand why i said no. when a no will be a no. and yes will be a yes. 
  6. he has to be INTERESTING. if he's not, I'mma get bored very easily. hehehhehhe.
  7. mysterious, so that I can figure something out from him :P
  8. funny, do like stupid jokes infront of me so we can laugh die hard the whole day. 
  9. he has to be good looking like ummm. 
  10. rich too muahahahhaha. 

the guy above, wow. so yummy. hahahahahha
I know some of you hates justin bieber. 
but he's quite hot to be honest in some ways. 

I'm not a big fan of him, but just watch. 
it will make you laugh, I'm sure :P hahahahha


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