Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 10

Discuss your first love and first kiss 

dup dap dup dap.
I never expected there's people who is waiting for this post. 
I'm so sorry but to disappoint you all la. 
apart from Jesus, my first love would be...

Aaron Carter, source from google. hahaha

and you would act like "walau this girl play cheat one on 30days challenge"
haiyo, so i tell you la okay. this is still true. 
uh I don't know cause I don't remember anything. 
but so far, of what I remembered of. my first love...
(i find this very funny) is still one of my close friend right now.
I can't be sure that if he's gonna read this. 
in fact, I don't know who reads my blog. -.-
I don't know whether I should categorized (?) this as my first love. 
one thing, he's single! and tall and handsome and cute. haha
he's quite mean to me these days.
no wait, he's always mean. 
we used to be the best friend when we were in primary school.
he use to come over to my house and we would ran around the house chasing one another. 
I remembered he injured his leg once at my house. if I'm not mistaken it's him. 
cause there were three of us. 
I remembered we were playing pc games upstairs. I was holding the mouse. 
and he touched my hand. 
I went like ":O omg what is he trying to do"
and I was save by the bell, his mom came and fetch him.
ho shit, I'm hoping he's not gonna read this. 
serious awkward okay (gah)

enough right? satisfied already? hehehe

first kiss? 
even worst!.
had my first kiss on the day I was born. :)
of course it's from my parents and siblings that I'm sure. 
you seriously would think that I would discuss about my first kiss? 
wow, that's not gonna be a secret anymore eh? 
how sad. I wish I could keep it just for myself and that person.
it's not something that I would just simply tell.
well, what kind of kiss you want? hahaha.
kiss on the cheeks? 
kiss on the lips?
I seriously don't know. 
all I can say it's awkward and silly.
it was just an innocent kiss. 
I'm not gonna elaborate more. 
cause I don't know who reads my blog. 
his current girlfriend might be visiting. 
I don't wanna cause any argument / jealousy. 

peace lovelies. :) 

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