Thursday, May 26, 2011

day 06

Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

gah, I can't seemed to think about anything interesting about myself. 
squeeze some brain juice first haha.

  1. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! My name is Joanna Fong and I'm not telling you my full name. hahaha. wth. I have a name that not many people knows, Rosalia. 
  2. I'm coming 19 this year and I have a P license but I have not drive out once after I got it. It has been almost 3 months? hahahaha
  3. I'm mix Chinese Melanau, and is the youngest in the family! 
  4. I'm a lefty and how stupid I can sound when I can't differentiate push and pull. 
  5. I can't hold my fork and spoon properly. I'm not lady like when I eat especially during formal occasions. how embarrassing. 
  6. I have a habit of touching my brows especially when I'm bored, day dreaming, waiting bla bla bla. it looks kinda bald now hahahahaha. half of it
  7. my email address password is a person name which I had a crush on last time. long long time ago. hahahaha
  8. my current boyfriend is my high school sweet heart which I had a crush on since form 1 :) it's not the same person with no 7. 
  9. I'm engaged! do you believe me? HAHAHAHAHA. you better not. I'm just kidding. I'm taken but still available since I'm not married yet. HAHAHA. no wonder my boyfriend treats me like a queen. (Hi baby, I love you) 
  10. the sweetest thing he told me just now was "you're all that I dream about since I'm 13." woots
  11. I don't drink coffee but I like bitting on straw sometimes. 
  12. I'm an animal lover. I'm a used to wannabe wildlife conservationist :( biology is too hard.
  13. I got a better dream to make it come true , which is pastryyyyyy :)
  14. I haven't change the theme on my phone since the first day I bought it. it's a photo of Paris :)
  15. I can speak at least 5 language fluently.
  16. I'm currently addicted to headbands and wreaths. also is loving french bun. :)
  17. I certainly can't swim =.=
  18. one of my favourite reptiles are snakes. ;)
  19. I love braids. 
  20. I wish I'm slim like my mother, tall (average height) like papi. too bad I'm the other way round haha
  21. I need at least 4 pillows to sleep with. 
  22. I have never left my phone at home when I go out except last sunday before going to church. cause i was in a rush.
  23. I have more pumps than heels. 
  24. I still have one of my ex's drawing on my walls. hmmmmmmmm. wondering why is it there? 
  25. my sister and I collects coca cola tins from all over the world.
  26. the first macarons me and my sister attempt to make succeeded :)
  27. yes yes, few more to go. what else yaa... I'm currently in Alevels. however, I'm in the wrong course. too late to realize?
  28. my favourite cartoon in the whole wide world would be... elmo :)
  29. if not mistaken, I have two elmos :P
  30. I have wavy hair. 
shit, not interesting at all. -.- 


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Judith Anjemeh said...

8 and 10....AWWWWWWW. i loike!

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