Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 05

A time you thought of ending your life.

in such ways we call it commit suicide? 
I can't recall if I have ever attempt to do so, 
cause I have always put God first when I'm down.
however, for over all these while.
I've been through a lot. 
and there was only once where I felt like ending my life. 
I regretted it. 
and I will never repeat this again just because of one guy. 
it is silly to thing about it. 
I'm glad and overjoyed that I'm so over it. 
can't you see how happy am I now?  :)
I thanked the Lord for showing me love once again 
and having to preserve it and stay faithful to each other this long is such a blessing.

I don't know how did I went through all this shit, 
but I've grown stronger day by day. 
and if anyone out there is going through all this, 
hang in there. 
cause God has greater plan for you in the future. 
so, think twice before making a decision. 
there's nothing to regret about if you made the right one. 

one advice for anyone out there reading this :
I'm not going to break your hopes and dreams, 
but this is the fact, the reality is nothing last forever. 
forever belongs to God alone, when we are one with Him on the Last Day. 
don't end your life just because you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. (in my case >.<)
let it go, just let it go.
don't worry about the future, cause you'll never know what's gonna happen. 
lastly, pray to God to keep you strong.
trying to end your life is a sin. 

peace :) 

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