Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 19

Disrespecting your parents

I don't really understand this question actually. 
but yeah, I assume that almost everyone had been rebellious towards our parents. 
well, I know I did. 
but it was more when I'm still younger, not that I'm old now. 
but at least, I can think closely like an adult compared to last time. 
Also, having a clear thought on why our parents didn't want us to do such thing. 
I know they had their reasons why. 
and knowing it why now, makes me think that I've grown up to understand and respect my parents more. 
even though, sometimes when I'm not in a good mood, 
I still yell unintentionally at them. 
and feeling really guilty afterwards. 
however, I tried to control my anger and emotions. 
I'm also really sorry that I go against you sometimes. 

I'm really sorry and I love you both until eternity. 

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