Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 17

My highs and lows in the past year

Highs :
  1. I meet and made many awesome friends :D 
  2. dad bought me new laptop, watch and phone.
  3. I went for A levels. 
  4. Had a part time job with my neighbor. 
  5. I had stinky and tity from the someone special (I'll show you someday)
  6. went to crocodile farm. 
  7. celebrated birthday with someone special :)
  8. I had few months break :D 
  9. stupid someone special gave me a surprise come back :)
Lows :
  1. I didn't celebrate Valentine's day. 
  2. We broke up. 
  3. my close friend and I went separate ways. 
  4. I was fully awake after 7 plus minus shots of liquor when everyone is quite drunk.
  5. I had to stand under the rain during the 1 Malaysia event. 
  6. I walked under the rain during the 1 Malaysia parade. 
  7. I chopped off my hair really short, and.. it took me so long to grow it back. it's not even that long now. :(

I think that's all ? hehe. 


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